April 17, 2014

Windy Dar

or is that Dar has wind???

Ok, ok so I was “trying” to be funny . . . did it work? Did ya at least giggle? So ah yeah, this week’s ArteDar work was – something Wind. Wind, I don’t have to tell ya is an abstract word, I mean we all know what it is, yet it is nothing. . . errr I mean yes it is . . . wait a minute

A funny thing just popped in my head, no not lol funny but hum that’s interesting funny*.  Wind is invisible yet we see what it does – fluttering tree leaves, blowing sand, making flags wave and ooo the laundry on the line. Ya can’t touch wind, but you can feel it. So ummm yeah sort of a concept / abstract yet it’s real at the same time.

Ok on with the Dar work, I did a journal’age page. The background is a few layers of gesso through a stencil, then a wash (pale blue - baby even), then some stamp’age with blue ink and another wash (same color) then stamped again with same blue; then stamped with gesso – same stamp each time. I liked it so I called it done.

I’ve been in a workshop and one of the lessons was to draw an upturned face. CryKey (however it’s spelled) not so easy and she is not that “great” but I like her and think she is purdy good for my very first ever UP Turned face – nostrils and all (don't drown in the rain). I got her all painted up, cut her out. A chore because I just had to have wanted free flowing hair in the breeze / wind thing going on.

Glued that face on my background, printed out my poem’age, glued those words down and then I added (you can’t tell) some sparkly Startdust Gelly Roll pen to the background (wind like)

Did I mention that Dar thinks I picked this theme, but really I didn’t, nope, she mentioned Wind last week and that’s what I said . And speaking of telling ya so. . . Ya know *funny thing I mentioned above (pun) about God, ya can’t really see Him/Her (your preference for gender not that God has one (and not that it matters)) but you see the evidence of His/Her work, sort of like the wind thing, get it? {wink}

 ps whip it- whip it good, in reference to the WIND whipping her hair around and junk.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Carol B. said...

You always make me smile Jamie'age. Great job.

ArteDar said...

you r amazing Jamie. I love how you push yourself and get things done. everything about this post, idea, and completion is worthy and entertaining. TY dear one! LOVE IT and U

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