May 20, 2014


Some of y’all know (or should by now) that I’ve been clearing and reorganizing my studio space. Yep really it’s done and you have (or may NOT have) seen the video, but that’s not what this post is about. Nope

It’s about the ATG (advanced tape glider) gun I got last fall on clearance at Hancock’s Fabric for $8.00. It came with 2, that’s two rolls of tape. I like it pretty well, not that we are BFFs but I might would miss it, IF I didn’t have it. So anyways back to the point. . .

IF I left it out on my worktop, it was in the way; IF I sat it off to the side OR in a drawer it was subject to the tape sticking where I didn’t want it. There is no hole in the handle nor a hook on it with which to hang. . . woe was me (sorta, just work with me people). Then all of a sudden a spark {insert lightning here} Yeah it was bigger than a light bulb moment, for me anyway. . .

Umm Velcro people, it was Velcro. Simple and in my mind a solution to my ATG dilemma (lol word’age) I rummaged through my sewing drawer and found a bit of it, ok I recycled it from some kind of strap, that was for who knows what. Sooooo I cut the size I figured I needed. I went to my handy home whatnot drawer and got out the new package of Liquid Nail (love this stuff). I LN (Liquid Nailed) the soft side of the piece of Velcro to the side of the ATG and I LN the rough side of the Velcro on the side of my work top (island)

and VOILA {fancy word for Ta Dah) My ATG is handy, yet outta the way and still portable without much effort. And I’m sharing this cause it might {just maybe} work for you. Now the thing about the LN, it is permanent (once it’s dry). . . meaning it would cause damage to the surface it’s stuck onto IF you were to pull it off. So if you decide to use it for whatever purpose you think it might work for you PLEASE BE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT the risk is yours and I am in no way to blame. {use at your own risk}

 But IF it works well for ya and you are happy then ^5 for me and Way to go Jamie.

ps this is the idea I had while watching Dede the Inkiwell stream this fine morning

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Dana said...

Brilliant!!! And somehow I've missed the room tour so off to see what's behind that beautiful purple door =0)

Da Poppins said...

I WANT one.

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