May 26, 2014

More or Less

How I have set up my camera for recording video on my work top. I use a Logitech and have it mounted (with a big binder clip) to the top of a paint stick that is mounted (with medium binder clips) to a small’ish desk easel. The desk easel is sitting on top of a wire pantry rack, well I have the easel tied to the pantry rack with some cord that I found lying around. I also have a fairly heavy book on the pantry rack to sorta weigh it down. To avoid tip’age and ka powy type of fall’age. I do have the camera mounted upside down so when I record it shows the view as if you were over my shoulder, umm errr as if you are at my work top with me.

Yes I have shadows going on in my vids, (excuse coming up) because the lights I currently have in my studio are not great, they are halogen and way super hot. . . as they burn out (kinda slowly – argh) I have plans on replacing the strips with plain old florescent lighting. Hey they do make  “natural” day light bulbs for ‘em. LOL I actually dumpster dived (curb side trash) for them. Cause the Universe just knew I would want and use them when the time is right. ^5 God ^5

And um anyways back to lighting I have a floor lamp on the right side that I turn on for extra light and to sorta counter balance the shadows away.

For the sideways angle shots (I have used this once) I brought in some tall patio chairs and taped Poster Board to them to block out the way too distracting background. And as y’all know white poster boards can be used to bounce a bit of light back. . . making for a little brighter view. The one time that I did this I sat the camera on a coaster so it would be just a little elevated (higher then the desk top). Haha Lucky for y’all I made sure I had it right side (top) up.
I have the laptop on the left so I can plug in the camera by USB and more or less have access to the control software that I don’t really know anything (much) about.

For Editing I’m using the FREE Microsoft Movie Maker that came with said Lap Top. It’s not been too hard to figure out and I have no plans on using anything else at this time. I am a beginner people; which brings to mind the little ol’ fact that Once I jump on the Fad it is most likely run its course and something new is about to come out. At least so says my history of “the in thing to do.” Just saying!

Because for the most part the talking I do in my videos while I’m recording is pretty lame, very disjointed and or garbled (I don’t know how y’all understand what I say). I’ve used a hand held digital recorder (old Olympus) and do the sort of Voice over audio thing. Umm yeah it’s not a whole lot better than then the recorded sound with the video, but it makes me feel better. And let’s be honest here peoples That’s what’s important – Yes that I feel better about it.

And when I’m done “filming” and doing “voice over” and all that editing carp I upload to my YouTube channel and typically I go grocery shopping and running errands, with the hope that when I’m done the video will be done uploading and I can proceed from there.  So umm yeah ta dah end of wordiness post. 

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Da Poppins said...

If you are making videos, I have been so remiss in my duties of coming to see them!

Jamie Lynn said...

so good to see ya Da
only just started doing the videos, the must be going outta style, like those old stirrup pants lol or rompers & more lol'in


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