May 30, 2014


so we saw the oncologist and the numbers are the same GOOD NEWS

but, because of the severe pain Johnny has been having in his mid back Dr. Wang wants an MRI. After we get that and have the results {which I believe will be fine} We (umm Johnny) will have another round of Chemo.

We briefly spoke with Dr about that measles cure thing, which he of course knew of and he said there are also other things about to go to testing. . . but naturally he couldn't talk about any of that cause it's not ready to be talked about and junk.

and um yeah that's it for now.

PLEASE and THANK YOU for your continued prayers, positive vibes and good thoughts, we treasure 'em



Anonymous said...

Yay that is such good news! tyfs! Blssful Crafter

Dana said...

Super news for both of you, well for ALL of us. ^5 Johnny and I hope they will be able to find out what is causing the pain and get him some relief quickly xoxo

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