June 25, 2014

New Post

Carp y'all it's summer time (hot & humid in a normal sort of way) here. And I noticed that I have not (hadn't) done a post on my blog for a while (I really don' t know how long it's been so ummm maybe not that long)

Um what's been going on with me you may ask (I'll wait while you ask)

well go ahead and ask

Umm yeah, well. Nothing much. Two of my daughter Erin's kids have been here for a few days a piece. But I think Nanna was just too much of a personality for them to handle and they went home. Well even I have to admit that I'm pretty . . . um I'm a lot to take in. Yeah that's it, I won't mention how boring it is for thirteen year olds. I mean really I have old "classic" music on the phonograph, a telephone that is attached to the kitchen wall, a 19 inch black and white TV. . . No, that's not true. lol

We have color TV with cable it's gotta be a like 99 inch screen or something, the HiFi is cool  and contains an eclectic mix of genres BUT we don't have any Bored Games.

it's all cool I post in jest or is that gest or is that just because I wanted a New Post and that's really it. I've been hanging around the studio, goofing with this and that, meditating, cleaning house (cause I'm not strong enough to pick it up), mowing the yard (a lot) drawing faces, watching my friends on the UStream and YouTube and the Twitter and the Facebook. Spending time with my Johnny holding hands on the couch or walking or laughing or eating. and umm

I've made a couple videos  you can find 'em over here IF you feel so inclined or reclined as the case may be.

umm ok then

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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Da Poppins said...

I want to be a Nana like you! And I thought you had uploaded videos. Haven't had a chance to grab my coffee and it and watch them. You are hilarious and creative-wonderful so I know they will be good. And And And...is that just automatic or did I see my profile pic in the corner with me as featured artist? I have a flickr page for that stuff now, do you have a flickr page too? I would love another way to stalk---I mean follow you.

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