June 26, 2014

so yeah

sometimes Inspiration pours into your eyes and when you pick up the number two pencil sometimes, just sometimes instead of a face you get something like this. . .

I see

I see my reflection
            In the window
I’m glowing
All orangey-reddish
From a light that shines
            Over my head

And there is this strange bit
            Of bright green
It looks like paint pouring out
            Of my forehead

Right (not wrong) between my eyes
            My mind says,

‘That’s a knothole
in the wood
its surely some kind of normal
or natural in reason
for being that green.’

And my skin wants
            To be in the rain
Cool and wet
            Making my clothes clingy
The way my flesh is on me

And that is all
            So I rest my head
In the palm of my hand
            And work on through
This storm

Happy Art'ing Y'all

1 comment:

Da Poppins said...

Don't know why but I just read that with a Southern Accent. And, Ma'am I've never been South. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my bloggy blog.

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