July 25, 2014

I'm laughing

over here, on accounta it's been F O R E V E R (seems like) since I posted. . . well ok so it's been a month. What have I been doing besides entertaining grand kids, mowing the yard, meditating, making videos, making messes, the typical cleaning, cooking and laundry service that I do for my family, thinking about dogs (getting one / two - one day). . .

nothing lol that's why I'm laughing. It seems like I have been crazy busy but when I think about it it seems like I've been doing nothing. Well maybe I had a nap or two, had a few headache days (on mowing days)  from too much heat and mowing and edging and cleaning the neighbors weeds off the fence gagh.

here is the really REALLY WEIRD thing that has happen with me a couple of weeks ago. One day I woke up and coffee smelled bad and coffee tasted bad and made me feel like I was gonna up a chuck!. This is totally crazy weird I mean I love(d) coffee been drinking it since I was 11 (that's a few years y'all)  and now I'm not sure what to do in the mornings. I mean my body is fine without coffee, but it is sorta freaking me out mentally y'all. . . I can't explain it.

This one ^^^ is as big as my face

If y'all want to find some pretty flowers to take pictures of and you don't have 'em in your yard why not visit a nursery ya know a flower growing place. That's what we did a couple weekends ago.

there will be bees

ps Johnny is doing great, numbers are super!!! Prayer is so very appreciated and always welcome (thanks y'all we love ya)

Happy Art'ing y'all


The Musicalscrapper - AKA MusicScrp said...

Hi Jamie.. one of these days I must do another post I am way behind too. SO happy to hear that Johnnie is strong enough to fight the battle! Love the photo of you two at bottom of the post!

Hugs and continued prayers!

Jean - MusicScrp

Dana said...

I somehow missed a few of these posts! Love your pics and such great news about Johnny!! ^5 big man and keep fighting the good fight!! xoxo

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