August 1, 2014

The Big NEWS

Ok y’all are not gonna believe this, but it’s true…the universe is just so funny and quicker than you might think or even hope on the occasion that you are “thinking” about doing or maybe just maybe you start thinking you might want something. . . case in point member last week when I posted this, well at that very moment (I’m telling ya you’re not gonna believe it) my Johnny was heart struck and rescued a puppy.

Ok so a guy that works for him, rescued a puppy that had just been dumped at a gas station, Brody (the guy) took the puppy to work thinking someone there would maybe save said puppy form the death chamber. And my Johnny said, you can put him in my office till someone takes him. LOL Johnny feed the puppy and y’all know what happens when ya do that.

Said puppy, prolly a Lab mix came home with Johnny. The black / chocolate puppy has lanky legs and big feet, and floppy over ears and the cute’est puppy dog eyes. He also has a star of white on his chest and so therefore his name is Champ. Yes it could have been Lucky or Chance but Champ is what has stuck.

And today having taken Champ to the Vet, to find out if he was healthy, of which he was deemed as being . . . he now has a home. Did I mention that I had already bought him a couple little toys plus the much needed chewy bone. After a couple of days here, he started holding up his tail and wagging it, as of this time I am the only one who has heard him bark. 

Oh his birthday has been appointed as being on or near June 6, so y’all may as well know that there will be Champ updates from time to time because he has stolen my heart too.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Dana said...

Johnny and you have hearts as big as the state of Texas! Can't wait to hear of Champs progress xoxo

MsShutterbugg said...

Oh what a cutie! Congrats on the newest member of your family!

Gina Shillitani said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH a puppy! My "puppies" will be 3 on Wednesday. They're all bigger than their mother. *hugs and pets for Champ*

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