August 6, 2014


So my dear friend Dede sent me this really neat Crown recently and I love it. . . so much that I took some selfies of me posing with it (umm in front of it) and I think I'll use 'em in on an Art Journal page, yep so be looking for a video on that soon maybe next weekend'ish around the 15th ... so I'm thinking.

So why post these selfies here, cause I needed a new post and they are just as good as anything else, not to mention that it's like um my blog and I can post what I want. I have an ideaR for them so yeah I'm committing right here right now that I will use 'em.

I got my Zines sent in to Dede along with some other items of Drawling fame, she has given a couple away but there are a couple more, so be sure to subscribe to her UStream Coffee and Art in the Morning and watch it LIVE (if at all possible) so you have a chance to win something not only made by me but there are several peoples in our fine community that send in stuff for Dede to have drawlings for (Drawling means give a way)
So on to ABOUT me again (I know y'all just can't get enough) {crosses fingers} I almost have 100 Subscribers on my YouTube Channel ArtistPoetGirl and when I do reach 100 I will have a Drawling of my own for ONE Subscriber (random) So you may want to subscribe IF you have not already done so . . . just saying

and I want to thank all of y'all that have have subscribed, it really is sweet and makes my heart swell (not my head) I hope y'all not only enjoy my videos but that you might learn something or be inspired, to make it, to make it better or to put your own spin on something even AND at the very least I hope y'all have a couple chuckles, giggles, snorts or milk out the nose moments.

Thank you

                 .Thank you

                                    .Thank you

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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Glenda Hoagland said...

Hi Jamie (APG). It is Goofmeister (Glenda) love your blog and your ustream. I do not get to log in as often as I would like because I am really busy with church duties. It has been so great how you all have accepted me in to your groups. Take care and I have subscribed to your youtube channel.

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