September 5, 2014

'14 #2 - 3 & 4

Sept faces

 Day 2 drawn & painted - she has a journal page waiting
(she will cut out so ignore the "outside the lines" paint)

Day 3 - she's ok {shrug} I'm not a fan of full page face drawing (9 x 12)
YES I do typically do small'age

Day 4, lol I like her & I'm sure she will eventually get painted

I hope that y'all who are drawing / painting / or otherwise FACE making are having fun with this challenge. Keep it up y'all ^5


Happy Art'ing Y'all


Maridee said...

Like 'em Jamie! Lovely!

Marie's Craft Spot said...

Very nice Jamie.

Clare Lloyd said...

Love them all.

wedgeart said...

Lovely! They're each so individual in their character. I really like the painted one and the outside-the-lines paint doesn't bother me, I enjoy it.

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