September 12, 2014

here are some

more faces (as if you may have expected something else) lol

Day 10, right now I'm thinking she will have a word over her head

Day 11, no plans at this time

Day 12, she is drawn on Deli Wrap ( I have white card stock behind her for the photo.

Day 12, found her home on a Gellli Plate print (Patti Tolley Parrish stencil*)

I used matte medium (Golden) to glue my drawing to a Russian book page. I then painted her with acrylic washes, the hair piece thing is painted with Silks,  this kept the print of the book page muted yet visible.I put the dots on her face as I was inspired by a face done by my friend Dana of Dana's Inspirations. I put more dots to her neck to add balance. I used spray fixative before I glued her onto the background with more matte Medium, because the Silks would move (smear).There is some journaling  in the lines between the black on the background, basically it just tells the process I used, so don't feel like you have to strain your self trying to read it. lol

*You can find Patti's stencils at iStencils, listed as PTP

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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u-woman said...

I really like the diversity of the faces you are creating. :)

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