September 14, 2014

Lucky number


Face that is, I know you need to refrain your shock {giggles}. . . and here we go

13, Johnny said she has a broken neck and I said ummm  NO
she doesn't cause she is sorta wonky bodied

#14 trying for more child like

photos can really help you SEE where the wonky parts are. On FB one time I said, 

"Yes the photo removes us from the hand eye action of drawing and takes us to a Visual space in our brain. . . I see much better After I take the photo. " 

Yep that's what I said and ya know what I believe it. So um yeah lay your pencil down, take a photo and a little break then look at the photo.

Happy Art'ing Y'all

1 comment:

Dana said...

👍 I love your wonky necked girl!! The flowers in her hair are right up my alley! Love your childlike face too! Keep up the great art xoxo

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