October 27, 2014


I have been crazy busy and tired and all manner of junk. . .

ignoring the blog was easy peasy . . .

the new children Champ and Molly are also part of the crazy busy. I mean really I have not even gotten to go to the studio since before vacation . . . ahhhh vacation

so um yeah nothing to report well that is not so true this is a READ ALL ABOUT MY MONDAY HERE so umm yeah

today Monday 10-27-14 I had a few things to take care and then I was going to studio BUT ummm no the Universe had a better plan for me so while I was out DUE TO THE FACT THAT my internet provider decided to "upgrade" their carp I did not have any warning of. I reset the router twice and restarted BEFORE I called 'em. . . oh says the lady in Service you need to bring in that router and pick up a new one. I had no plans on going out (studio was calling) but ok I can do that and I can check the mail and go to the dollar store that I was planning on doing tomorrow. Lady at the provider said call this number (on the box) after you plug it all in. Ok I can do that (duh) and . . .

ummm NO - the girl on the phone repeatedly said sorry I need to research that AND AFTER AN HOUR AND A HALF ( 1 1/2) she said there must be something wrong bring that "new" router take if back and trade it for an other. . . "service" must not have set something up correctly. I asked to be connected to Service and that woman said Oh they (lady at the providers) gave you the wrong router. NOW up until then I had been very CHILL-AX really. NOW NOT CHILL and still I had to go back and get the "correct new router" then um YES call again blah blah blah. . .

ok New new router hooked up, called (new girl) and after an other hour on the phone it's working. Then I had to Reset all the wireless carp (printer is still NOT working) unless you are on their Internet Printing Site ( not dealing with that today)

So on the way from provider to post office I had a DEER RUN out in front of me, so I practically stop glance up in the woods to see if there were more and I spotted a Road Runner. WEIRD I tell ya. The dollar store had half of what I wanted.

I have not had a "MONDAY" since I don't know when.

END OF this post

thanks for reading this (If you did indeed stay for it all) lol I'm better now. AND BE CAREFUL OF THE DEER THEY ARE RUNNING. . . Johnny had 3 people come in today after they hit some of those poor deers.

oh and um yeah

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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