November 6, 2014

Weird but TRUE

story that happened at my house, in the backyard. . . while I was working in the studio. Brace y'allself for paranormal stuff.

So there I was like I say working in the studio, we were having a very nice rain shower. Not stormy just a gentle rain, much needed btw.

I thought I saw someone cross in front of the window near the fence. Startled I glanced up and looked then quickly went over to said window and studied the scene out of the window in the direction that I thought saw someone go;  And then I thought to myself, 'huh, must've been a reflection / glare on my glasses, the gate's locked & I would have heard someone jumping the fence PLUS the dog would have barked. Weird. So I go back to work . . . lalalala and happy time span.

It was time to go into the main house to cook or some such nuisance and I couldn't help but notice that my statue (Lily) who normally looks like this

was all like this laying on the ground

Umm HOW ta heck did she get over the ledge of the flower bed and land on her face? Lily is quite heavy maybe 45 / 50 pounds of solid concrete. Champ wouldn't have gone near her, please note the yellow wire, Yep a bite ya dog collar thing. Couldn't have been the wind as there was barely a breeze and the wind chimes weren't even humming. Besides none of the other statues were tumped over including a plastic one. so yeah freaky weird stuffs y'all.

as I thought about it today (cause it bothered me) I suspect, that some entity was miffed because I found a portal and removed said portal. Yes I believe in that kind of stuff, well actually I more than believe, I know it exist.

So and umm yes it warranted a blog post, if for no other reason than for me to document the incident that happened 11-5-2014.

and ummmm so ok

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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