December 10, 2014

Umm about this thang

the HOT mess ART gang

for Artist of all mediums including writers / poets / painters /  scrap bookers / all creative types even

It’s umm, well it’s a great thing to think about and keep one’s mind occupied with funny quips and such . . . if ONLY someone would write ‘em down. Le sigh.

It’s a no brainer for members, in fact nothing is really “required” of ya, just request membership from me. With that said who knows maybe this gang will become something fun for our whole community*. Think of it as a place thing of Encouragement, yes yes there are lots of "groups" out there and so umm yeah. I’ll need your email cause there is some stuff you will need want to read.

*and maybe it’ll just flop into nothingness, um what I’m trying to say is - just have fun with it y’all, I know I am.

Email your request to join to - Editor (dot) HotMessArt @gmail (dot) com

Happy Art’ing Y’all

ps I’m not only a member I’m a Co-Instigator 


Joyce Davis said...

I was going to post a picture but was unable to so. I will try again at another time. My grandson, Santana, is an excellent Lego builder, can we post some of his work on this blog?

Would you believe that this is the first blog that I am attempting to follow other than Facebook.

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks for you comment Joyce. Legos are certainly fun, unless you step on one barefooted.

I'm sorry but pictures cannot be uploaded to blogs by commenters.

Blogs are a bit different than FaceBook as blogs are mostly a one way conversation, I do a blog post and people leave comments and I try to respond to the comments.

Thanks so much for dropping by, I look for forward to your next show.


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