January 9, 2015

and Hello

With greetings of a Happy New Year that is off to a great start. What you may ask (or not)? Well I’ll answer that with . . .

We had our first visit of the year with Dr. Wang the oncologist, and we have GREAT NEWS, the numbers are stable. Same as last time even. This is super good news y’all. It means another 3 months without Chemo another 3 months to go till the next oncologist visit. And I don’t have to tell y’all that is wonderful news, but I will


We acknowledge and give God all the glory for this with our deepest gratitude to Him and to y’all that have lifted, and continue to lift up, Johnny in prayer. Please keep it up because IT IS WORKING.



Dana said...

Such amazing news!!!

Cheryl said...

Praise God!!! Miracles do still happen.
I am so excited to hear the good news.
Sending good thoughts, prayers and hugs.
Cheryl Angelbug56

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