January 12, 2015

a Postcard

for a worthy cause in another country, Norway. I saw the post on FaceBook shared by @LWHfromMars and thought. . .

hum sounds like something I’ll like to do, so I cut my post card base and um yeah, what next??? As I was digging for my drawing pencils in my travel art bag a face from last Sept (2014) fell out and yes Eureka. That’s exactly what I want.

So I took the face #23 and redrew it onto a 4 inch by 6 inch base, with a few tiny changes. And then I grabbed my paints and voila – ta dah even

the drawn version

Eye am Listening

I have a finished postcard, complete with the required information on the back and it is mailed . . .

Here is the link, check it out and see if you want to join in this #twitterartexhibit. Be sure to FOLLOW THE RULE’age cause that is important y’all. 

did I mention that @BlissfulCrafteR (Genie) helped name it, well she did

and that's a wrap

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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