January 15, 2015

the First

Newsletter for the HOT mess ART gang

went out on the 13th. It's my first newsletter to do. . . I have made flyers and the like for other organizations in the past and they were successful so I expect this to be also. . . although I am looking forward to getting some feed back on what members would like to see and stuff.

what??? show you??? well I really can't. . . you see (& understand I'm sure) it's a members only kind of thing so if you are curious and / or perhaps interested send a request to join to Editor {dot} HotMessArt {@} gmail {dot} com and the Rules will be replied to you, you will need to follow the remaining requirements instructions in that reply.

so um yeah, easy peasy

what is required of the HOT mess ART gang members, well not much really, but there again I can't really say it's all Secret and Hush Hush type of gang members only stuff

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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