January 27, 2015

Sparkle & Shine

& Shimmer was the name of the game . . . errr the blog hop that @BocaBabeArt pointed me to and beautiful works to be seen. Yes it is the Finnabair Blog Hop. Well it just so happened that I was working on a tiny canvas at the time (4” x 2”) and I was using shimmery Silks so um yeah . . . I had to, just had to I tell ya link up and play along. If you want to really see how I did it there is VIDEO.
I had the broken china doll head (from here) that I really wanted to use for something, so I found a tiny black canvas and I smeared on some PaperClay and smashed my broken face (lol) into it, then sat it aside to dry. So um yeah it sat on my desk for a long time (months people) and this one day I thought it was time to make my vision into reality and that’s when Eileen tweeted and I followed the link’age and . . .

Well I don’t have the supplies (mediums) that they used but I do have some sparkle & shine stuffs so I improvised. I used Silks, Glass Bead gel, tiny loose glass beads (from the “experienced” store), embossing powders and some rubber stamps and more paperclay and bam ah lam I ended up with this loverly little 8” x 10” finished piece. And at the time of this post I’m considering entering it into a spring art show here in town. Wish me luck and send me confidence.

And and AND because this is a link up thingy PLEASE go over here and check out all the other Shine & Sparkle projects, be sure say I sent ya {wink}.

Did I mention the poem I wrote while waiting for stuffs to dry it’s short so don’t worry:

From the brokenness

To mold and reshape into something new
Not to replace or fix what was before
But to create a new wholeness, in spite of
What was before
As long as there is a shimmer of life, we can mend cracks
Fashion them with a mystery of their own beauty
And then we can welcome with amazement
Wholeness from the brokenness

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Von said...

I love it, Jamie !!! Putting that darling little colourful piece on the larger canvas was brilliant! <3

Maremi's Small Art said...

Wow how inspirational. Creative, innovative and interesting. Fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing your art work with us. Thank you for taking part in Finnabair 'Sparkle & Shine' challenge. Best of luck. Hugs, Marta xx

Riikka Kovasin said...

This is a piece of art! Thank you for joining the Finnabair "Sparkle and Shine" challenge!

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