March 20, 2015

March Calendar Challenge

As brought to us by the loverly DarcyUK of Art and Sole. This months rule’age; keep part of the original image (check) – Technique – wax or crayon resist (sorta check) – Use – Ransom style lettering for Title / Phrase (check) – blog your calendar (check)

How it began

How it Finished 

close up on the hand written part'age

it's also National Happy (happiness) Day 
& First Day of Spring 
& Super Moon tonight 
& Total eclipse for those in Europe
(not us in North America- le sigh)

& I got a P, from Vanna – for more info on the P please watch the video USE CAUTION tho DON’T BE DRINKING & WATCHING just saying.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


abby j said...

So colorful...springy!! :)

Darcy UK said...

oo look at that, its begging for someone to dive headfirst into it, and blacking out the surrounding page just accentuates that even more.

Anonymous said...

Love this... What a fab way to use the colour.
Thanks for sharing.
Catherine x

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