April 3, 2015

I don't care

If this makes me sound like a broken record, but um yeah. . .

Good news y’all, we just saw Dr. Wang (oncologist) and Johnny’s numbers are stable. ^5 God & Y’all our prayer warriors. We are very grateful for each of you and the prayers you say, not just on our behalf but for all the people you pray for.  

Thank you is just not a big enough phase, somehow it doesn’t seem to have enough feeling. . . ummmm

Thank you with a cherry ontop plus a group of hugs for y’all


ps thank you some more


Von said...

I'm thrilled to bits to hear your good news Jamie and Johnny!! PTL !!! Prayers continue for you and yours. (((hugs))) and love ya!!! ❤️

Vicki said...

Praise God, and ty for letting us know. It is wonderful to know of the answers to prayer. Hugs to you Sweet Jamie

happyDiane said...

still praying!

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