May 27, 2015

So umm

at the Gallery at the Madeley, that would be our Art Gallery in Conroe. . . yes on Simonton an Art Journaling group has been started ~ Where Art & Words Meet. The plan is to meet Wednesdays at 11’ish. There is not a “teacher” we will just meet and hang out and journal as we please. Maybe share some techniques and exchange ideas and whatnotage. Because it’s just starting nothing is written in stone and the room is subject to classes, so maybe it won’t happen every every or every even Wednesday or that I will be there every time. But we have meet twice now and I have enjoyed it.

At the first meet up I purchased a handmade journal made by Karen and it’s beautiful. It measures 5 ¼ x 7 inches. I’ll try to show y’all in a video . . . when ???

I glued torn book pages on a double page spread, smeared some water soluble crayons on it and then turned my sights to drawing me. Because everybody else was doing it, and no matter what my age ~34~ I still want to belong. Ok so I was drawing ah, well, a sorta me. . . I think my initial drawing was a bit too small so I redid me a little bigger. LoL a larger me even, but in the end I have no feet lol – just free floating. La . La . La . but I like it . La . La . La.

So back to that 1st spread – stencils & stamps were used, craft paints, sharpie, white pen & the quote was thunk up while I worked on the page . . .
When she dared to dream the scent of flowers bloomed. I love when that happens

And with summer now on the horizon, and by that I mean HERE NOW (between rain & lightning storms), I will have more free time for my own studio stuffs. Maybe I’ll even straighten it up and junk like that. I mean hey it can happen. So umm, yeah

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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happyDiane said...

That sounds so exciting! Arting with peeps IRL and those from the *BOX* LOL I'm sure you will enjoy yourself.

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