October 17, 2015

There's Gonna be

A 12 x 12 Gala at the Art Gallery in the Madeley Building, Conroe Texas. What’s it all about you may ask. . . the Conroe Art League, of which I’m a member, is having a fund raiser. The league purchased 12 x 12 Claybords and members signed them out to do art on. I finished mine and asked if I could do another and yes was the answer so I actually did two. Yes I’ll show y’all, not now but soon. They are done but still need to be varnished after a good few days drying time.

Ok so you can see one of them on my YouTube Channel. #ThinkPinkArt a Creative Arts Collaboration Event

The Exhibit will start November 4th, a few of the 12 x 12’s will be selected for the Live Auction that will take place on November 21th at the Gala. The remaining pieces will be in the silent auction OR if someone wants there will be a Buy It Now, price.

Won’t be able to make for the Gala, no problem . . . Here is more good news Conroe Art League is now set up for Pay Pal and it’s looking as though online sales will be do’able. More on this as I get the information. 

Thanks for your time and

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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