November 3, 2015

So I've

been busy (doh! OR is that duh!) haha. I’m sure y’all have seen the quick not so focused not so great photos (term used loosely) of #CaptureConroe. A little thing our Visitor Bureau has going on, they are going to pick out some of their favorites to use in marketing materials. So um yeah I really like my town and if I can I try to promote it. I typically upload them through InstaGram (apg_jamie) to FB (Jamie Lynn) and Twitter (@ArtistPoetGirl). ^5 self plugs ^5

 Speaking of the Conroe Visitor Bureau, y’all remember when I posted about being an “extra” in the film they were making??? well maybe I didn't post about it . . . maybe I tweeted it {shrugs} and (le Sighs) . . . anywhooos I made it through the editing portion and here is thatVideo. See if you can spot me HINT I’m visible in a few spots, all of which were at the #GalleryAtTheMadeley . It was fun to be in it and it’s a fun video to watch, just saying. OH and the music was written special for the video

I’ve been barely keeping up with making my weekly video (new ones uploaded Friday mornings 9-9:30 Central Time) the #ConroeArtLeague is having a fund raiser event (12x12 Gala) and along with that we are selling the ornaments off our #CAL Holiday Tree this year, additional fund raiser. So um if y’all get a change come on by, say hi and buy something. Be sure to tell ‘em I seet ya. (hey one can always use extra kiss up points)

And there y’all have it my excuses for my absenteeism (that’s really a funny word)

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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