March 13, 2016

Chalking it UP

In Conroe that is. The 5th annual Chalk Up Conroe, my first time to participate and might I add it was my first time to chalk on concrete period. 

The squares were huge. Bigger then HUGE even. I had sorta sketched out an abstract, you know just to get started and man it took a long time. We (Johnny & I) got there a little after 9am and I didn’t finish my square until 1:45. Didn’t have time to do any kind of shading judging was at 2. LoL I was just so happy to get the square chalked. I took no tools only my cushion which was great to have.

I saw a couple of artist that have done this event a few time and they were using foam brushes and water. I whined and Lynn let me borrow one from her. After an hour I sent my support team (Johnny) to get me more brushes, they don’t last real long scrubbing on concrete. With bigger brush in hand I went to town lol that was one big square. IF y’all are thinking about coming out next year Think Team, cause yeah big a$$ed square.

They had ribbons for different age groups, Elementary School, High School (no other age group of kids were there) and Adult. Each group had a first, second and third. There was a lot of good art and lots of kids and families had tons of fun. Did I mention Do-Nuts, pizza, cookies, popcorn and water. ummm T-shirt too. The weather was beautiful, Gorgeous even.

That hopping, scooting and crouching made my back not so happy so I’m couch sitting (as if that’s not normal) and wondering if I’ll get off it before next week. LoL

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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