March 2, 2016

Dust Bowl Motel

Is a play at the Crighton Theater March 18 – 20. In conjunction with the play, Conroe Art League will be having a Themed Exhibit at the Madeley Art Gallery, 127 Simonton St. Conroe Texas. The gallery will the location for the After Parties on Friday and Saturday nights. The actors and play write will be meeting the attendees of the play, and a few of the exhibiting artist will be there as well.

The official Artist Reception is planned for Saturday the 19th between 5-8 pm

The process video (term used loosely) can be found here

How it looked with clouds – didn’t like it

And the finished (prior to framing) It makes me happy

I urge y'all (I try to remember too) to take a gray-scale photo . . . you can see the values without the colors getting in the way

here is the work I used for the frame , I left is sitting outside because stinky varnish smell & yeah why not make it I have a saw & junk & I wanted rustic. 

this as well as other pieces in the Exhibit will be available for purchase at the gallery and online at Conroe Art League.

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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