March 5, 2016

New Cutter

Yep a new cutter is on it’s to my studio and I had to straighten up so I could try to inch out a wee bit o’space.  It’s big and heavy and needs a permanent home, so I’ve learned from ArmyMom Linda.

I actually organized my new dies . . . the term new is used loosely to represent the ones I have collected and haven’t organized, they are really not new. . . ummm lol?

The green basket has all my napkins in it and as y’all know I made a napkin journal which I’m adding to little by little. As I add a napkin to the journal I keep two of the same then put the rest in a bag for trading at some point.

The pile o’stencils are new’ish, these are the ones I have not used as of yet. As I use them they will go into the stencil bag thingy. . . a 12 x 12 scrapbook paper carrier. They are mostly from Tuesday Morning (store) and my newest ones are some of Patti Tolley Parrish’s new releases.

I picked up the pile o’paper scrapes and shoved ‘em in a box(es) to be dealt with at a later date . . . or so I want us to believe. Well I some excuses good reasons, the Wednesday journaling group is now the Creative Circle group and because I really enjoy art’ing with people I’m doing what the group as a whole decides to do. . . for the next month (more or less) we are doing Clay stuffs. Paper clay, polymer clay. We made handmade silicone molds at the first meeting, lol for the second one I was told I had to make a project with said molded thing. . . I did a Tool Can

Our fearless bossy leader told us all to do a Shrine so I’ll get to that after I make another Tool Can (video to come) {cross fingers}. . .I also have a how to video coming about silicone mold making. And another one about a 3D block piece. . . did I mention I’m also working on face #7 in my Two-29 Series, yep that too. All projects are started and procrastination has set in . . . hence this blog post. . .

I won’t mention the workshop I’m teaching and the art show (I'm at as this post goes live) and the artist reception and the city event . . . maybe it’s not procrastination, huh, could be excited nerves.

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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