April 21, 2016

this just in

the HOT mess ART gang is still alive & accepting new members . . . here is our mission statement & if you would like to join in email Editor dot HotMessArt @gmail dot com Be fair warned there will be further things required of you . . . they are not bad things . . . but you will need to do them . . . just read the email & follow the additional instructions . . . thank you

the HOT mess ART gang
mission statement

● To enable each of us to be the artist that we are and to accept that truth within our own being’ness.

● To aid each other to see that there is no comparison between us, we each are in our own experience and journey and therefore special and unique just as we are.

● To bred a willingness to embrace each and every imperfect perfection of our self and to love our self in spite of what those may be.

● To celebrate the accomplishments of each other and ourselves.

● To be brave and experience or experiment with that which interests or attracts us.

● To grasp the understanding that a fail is NOT a fail, it is just one way NOT to do something again.

● To encourage all fellow artist to keep practicing that which they love.

● To have confidence and step outside that bubble of self-doubt and fear.

See all good stuffs & Happy Art'ing Y'all

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