April 21, 2016

Part two (2)

Continued from this post. . . and now for more on a few artist reviews from The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival

Fourthly we have

Sarah Bean, a fabulous 3D artist that uses works of literature. She takes and carves books into integrating beings of fantasy. Her attention to detail is just amazing not to mention her patience and super sharp knife. Yes I wanted to touch ‘em but Sarah must’ve saw me coming and placed her works of art under glass. Oh I don’t blame her, not one little bit, these old and delicate books need to be enshrined under glass. Please drop by and drool over her stuff, but careful not to splash the glass. ps she is also a poet. 

photo Courtesy of me - lol

Fiftly we have

Amanda Armistead, a fun paper painter and collage’ist and wow’age. I loved here paper work, collaged onto wood and cut out into cool shapes and then painted some more and collaged more and just fun stuff y’all! Amanda was a delight to talk to and very inspiring for me, she actually asked me if I wanted to touch . . . and touch I did like a kid in a candy store . . . but I didn’t have sticky fingers. Please say hi to my neighbor, ok so she’s not an actual neighbor but close enough.

photo Courtesy of me - lol

Sixly and lastly we have a great band

Kolby Cooper & the Relentless. As gate keepers we were not able to hear any of the bands or see any of the shows that the venue had the privilege of showing so y’all know me I asked all the performers that exited out gate to please play for us. . . they all said no . . . that is until this group . . . Wonderful boys that worked well together and a band that I hope to see make it big in the music world. They are from Palestine, Texas, yes home grown boys that you can find out more about on their FaceBook Fan page. . . thanks again Kolby y’all come back now ya hear so I can get our picture together.
ps TJ Sharp has some videos of the band you can listen / watch on his YouTube channel here.

I want to thank all the artist that took time out of the business to talk to me, I really REALLY appreciate it and thank you for adding so much beauty and fun to our art world.  I hope to see y’all at the next festival and until then sell lots of stuff and remember to keep on

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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