April 17, 2016

Part one (1)

Recently I worked volunteered at The WoodlandsWaterway Arts Festival. Johnny & I always have fun working the gate as Greeters. So on with the reason for this post. . . I meet several artist and want to highlight a few: (going to make is a two parter post)

Firstly up is 

Ernest Vincent Wood, III (was given an artistic name at birth) does some amazing oil painting. His light work is incredible. Ernest has written a children’s book and as a new’ish father, he finding his way in the adventurous world of art festivals, shows and travelling with his wife and  7 month old son. If y’all get the chance check out his web site and send some encouragement his way.

this is the image on 1 of his postcards

 Secondly up we have

Paula Collins, a sculptor of ceramics. I had to visit her booth when I saw the fun unique works. Sorry to say Paula was off having lunch when I was there, but her husband assistant was kind to speak with me. He told me how she came about doing her characters after first working with making clay tiles. I can’t tell y’all how bad I wanted to touch the pretties, but I tied my hands in my pockets as visions of maybe trying to make some of my own clay characters. Hey it could happen. Please drop by and check out what else Paula has to see, warning you may get the warm fuzzies and giggles.

this is her business card

Thirdly up we have

Jay Long, he won the best of show for Mixed Media 2D at the festival and well deserved. His unusual works really seek to be touched . . . and I did, but please don’t tell. . . it was only one little touch and for the shortest of seconds, but O the trill. His paintings are layered upon layers with collage and wood cutouts and canvas and yes! The workmanship is just wonderful. You can find more of Jay’s work here.
this is the image on his business card

Part two (2) coming up in a couple of days . . . well I didn’t want y'all wearing out your eys balls all at once ya know . . . you're welcome

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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