April 15, 2016

Artist Block Thingy

aka #CACTrashToTreasure #ArtistBlock thingy Video that went live today. . . so I can’t stand waiting for y’all to ask about the “Story” of this Artist Block . . . SO I’m just gonna tell y’all

Once upon a time there was a princess my Great Aunt Penny, she loved driving around in her big fancy car. She would just cruise by day, by night, by herself or with friends. Driving was just plain fun. One day when Great Aunt Penny was driving the weather turned, it turned bad, really real bad, so she slowed down. A feat that was not exactly easy for her Lead Footed self. But slow down she did and as it turned out it was a darn good (if not better’est) thing. . .

There she was, a young single lady in a terrible storm on a lonely dirt road out in the middle of the woods (can y’all hear the creepy music?) when all of a sudden, quick as lightening, something went dashing out in front of her car . . . bam she slammed on the breaks real fast, as fast as lightening even. And the car spun around and bomped into a tree. Well it least it didn’t plow into the tree, it was just a gentle little bomp. Great Aunt Penny was a little shook up and when she regained herself, she looked around trying to see if she could spot what that thing was that ran in front of her car. . .

And there it was, sopping wet and shivering under a nearby bush. Great Aunt Penny opened her car door and the little thing came a running. . . straight into her lap!

Yep, it was a little white doggie with black spots. Well Great Aunt Penny went to laughing and the dog went to licking her face and she laughed all the harder and proclaimed, "You're so lucky I didn't run over you and I'm so lucky that I didn't spin right down that deep gully."

And there y’all have it, the “Story” about Great Aunt Penny and her dog Lucky . . . oh and her Daddy owned a copper mine (sorta like a Button Mine) . . . Lucky Penny, copper it all works out for the best, don’t ya think?

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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