July 3, 2016

Creative Circle

The past couple of Wednesdays in our creative circle we have been playing in alcohol inks. They are interesting. I used them mainly on old photograph paper cut into small'ish sizes. . . they have become fun and unique greeting cards, that I hope to offer for sale at the Gallery at the Madeley come August and perhaps in November / December as well. Why yes of course there will be video, this coming Friday on my YouTube Channell - APG Jamie, if the editing and voice over'ing work out. ah who am I kidding we know it will come out {cross fingers & toes}

I also had an article accepted to a new online magazine, I will of course share more of that information as I can . . . more good news the piece I recently finished, Direction was used on Conroe Art League 's monthly Exhibit and reception announcement for July. Which y'all are welcome to attend

Happy Art'in Y'all

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