October 19, 2012

42 Russia 42

This fine week took us to the Huge county of Russia. I googled for Russian Artist, I mean what better to get inspired by than to see the amazing work of others. And yes, yes I did find my inspiration piece…by Anokhin Nicholas titled In an Old House. It like so many (if not all) my prior postcards plays very well with the ongoing story line.

From Allen to Liz: Watercolor & Color Pencils

Dearest Liz,

Please Liz, please.

All my love


Short & Sweet & sorta begy, poor Allen I think he needs a hug. {{{Allen}}} Where is that Liz off gallivanting around the world I’m sure having a party everywhere she goes, while poor Allen pines away. Oh well, maybe he should’ve grabbed the bull by the horns when he had the chance, eh.

Please be dears and roll on by the Art & Sole blog, home of our bestest beauty Darcy…say hello what’s shakin…and visit all my wonderful fellow World Travelers…lol maybe some of them have seen Liz out and bout the world…ya never know.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


abby j said...

Well done, J.L. !

mags21 said...

keep up the good work..hope things work out for them, not long to go to get sorted.xx

Margaret said...

Lovely card, but where is Liz, even i'm getting worried now! Mx

Janet said...

Great sketch! I think Allen is getting a bit needy here.

Janet xx

Kaylene said...

Love the sketch, great post.

Jen said...

Super sketch.
Jen x

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