July 27, 2013

Hey, this is about YOU

If you have not read this, then do so now (then come back here and read me) cause this post is in reference to Tanya’s Post, a reply of sorts or at the bare minimum just my two cents worth of encouragement.

I recall from my childhood talk about another branch of my family, how they ~
"think they are better than us. They look down on us because we don't have as much money as them."
I bought into that, hey it made me feel better about myself (us) only now. . .

ONLY NOW, I see ~ 

I SEE that "they" didn't make us feel anything, "they" didn't do anything except love us and welcome us. It was Us that felt like we were Less (less good, less worthy, less pretty, poor) because of what We thought about Ourselves. It was the way we judged us, the way we compared us to them. They did not make us feel bad about ourselves; We felt bad about ourselves all on our own. And now I see that I am as I am - simply put Me.

I cannot do this (make them see this truth) for the rest of my family it is a Truth they need to embrace on their own. I am good, worthy, pretty and rich with the abundance that is mine. This truth does not make me better than anyone else it only lets me see that I am as I am - simply put I am Me.

I do not need to be smaller than others to be all that I am - I do not need to be bigger than others to be all that I am

And this is true for YOU

YOU do not need to be smaller or bigger than others to be all that YOU ARE

                        SHINE your brightness

Light Up your world
                                  and that will
                                                             LIGHT UP THE WORLD 

stand in that grace, grateful that you no longer have to hide that little Big, NO I really mean HUGE LIGHT of yours.

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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