July 23, 2013


Good news my friends, Johnny’s cancer count went down. He is doing another round (or two) of chemo. That’s all we know for now about treatment.

We are happy with these results – Dr. Wang is happy

Just to let y’all know Dr. is NOT really taller than Johnny, who is 6’ 4”, LoL Dr. Wang stood on the pull out thingy that is on the office bed/table. Actually dear Dr is no taller than I.

THANK YOU for all your prayers

Please continue the prayers and positive thoughts for a Zero cancer count and all the loving support y’all sent not only for Johnny but for me too. It truly helps.



Darcie said...

Yay!! If Dr. Wang is happy I am happy :-) Yes, will keep praying for Zero.

ScrappyCamperSisters said...

What great news, Darcie and I will keep praying and agreeing that the cancer will be zero.

Jamie Lynn said...

<3 Thanks Y'all <3

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