January 21, 2014

And her name

is Faith

So what came first the face, the background or the quote? Good question. In a way it was the Quote. . . But then the Background was really first (? a couple / few years ago?) . . . but then the face -- no, really the face was last.

Here’s the real story. I was reading a newsletter from Leonie Dawson and I read the quote, but of course in the newsletter it wasn’t a quote, it was part of a paragraph. But isn’t that, for the most part, how quotes come about any way. Y’all know during a conversation or in a piece of writing and a sentence or two strike a chord (heart strings) and voila a Quote is born.

So I had this quote and automatically envisioned a face with eyes closed, sort of peaceful ya know. But before I drew, I already knew exactly the background I wanted to use. It’s a scanned and printed out background I did some time back (?years/months?).

 Do I drew the face and painted her lips (as some of y’all know) during BarbOwens (Barb’vark) UStream on the 17th. Yeah I tweeted my lips LoL.

I finished painting her not real long after the stream and glued her on my background. Stamped the Leonie Dawson quote onto Deli Paper (love this stuff), matte mediumed that down. Wrote a little note’age about the quote, that is hidden behind Faith’s head. Because . . .

I like drawing faces (most of the time) on watercolor paper and then painting with acrylics then cutting them out to put onto journal pages (8 ½ x 11 cardstock) and I might as well make the head a pocket. . . Cause I like little hidden places and flips and flops and whatnotage spots . . . because I think they are fun. There I said it – hidden places are fun, because others may not know they are there but you as the maker do. . . Secret .  

for me, like with Leonie, I have learned that when I can't do what it is I think I want to do or even those things that I need to do. . . I am enough. I am worthy. Self nurture and rest is important to your soul, your spirit because If your soul / spirit is tired / under fed / under nourished it will begin to spread around dust to your mental and emotional parts and from there to your physical body. So take a break and take care of yourself - emotionally - mentally - physically and most importantly spiritually, your whole being will be happier for it and that my friend will make you shine brighter than glitter under a disco ball lite up by the noon day sun. 

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Jamie Lynn said...
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Musicalscrapper said...

It is great JAmie... Love this...

prairiethistle said...

Your page is great Jamie. I like the idea of hidden pockets, too.

Jamie Lynn said...

aw thanks y'all

Jamie Lynn said...

this is a test to see how the "new" comment changes are working

testing 1
testing 3

blast off even

elvan said...

You made a beautiful page!! I love it!!

Greetings from Germany,

Elvan :-)

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Great work here!!! :D

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