January 20, 2014

Week #4

The Documented Life Project > challenge: write a secret, paint over it leaving a word showing. And a duel post for entering a Giveaway in the great CreativeJumpStart2014 workshop that I’m a part of, also my 4th project for that. Nat calls us Jumpers. The challenge here is to use ideas we saw in a video that used house hold items / sponsor product; In this case Faber-Castell – of which I own none {sad face}

So household stuff it is - Torn book pages matte medium'd onto card stock, painted over with red craft paint, burnished with baby wipes. I wrote with a regular #2 pencil my secret, well more of a very short story, that incorporated my words. It’s ok to plan and figure out how to use that which one wants to use.  Soooo I painted over that with a green craft paint – NOTE I have an eclectic mix of craft paints {end of this note} Painted my words with black.

I used heavy gloss gel medium through a stencil with various sized squares on different parts of the page. And I smeared the gel over my words to protect them from other layers. I did some more journaling with colored ink. Then I brushed on some blue paint, wiped at that with baby wipes, it was looking ok BUT I wanted more texture because it wasn’t showing up very much. Hummm what to do…

I got out my white gesso and used a room card key to scrape it on, Ok I was liking it again. But I wanted more so I grabbed a flower stencil and a makeup sponge/wedge and a purple craft paint. I liked it but it sort made my texture get lost. Oh I know, add the gel through the flower stencil. Yep and to make that show up I added a layer of bright light green and dabbed at that with a baby wipe. Just wasn’t working the way I had hoped, so out came the gesso and card key scraping again.

There, that was better and I thought to leave well enough alone. Especially since I liked the texture and the colors that were showing through the layers, they didn’t photograph very well {shrug}. An up and down sort of page that seems to have matched this day that I was having.

And now the page, like the painted over journaling, has been released to history. So there we have it duel post Entry Challenge CJS2014 - Faber-Castell and Challenge #4 DLP.

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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