January 23, 2014

Who's Ready

For my fifth project for CreativeJumpStart 2014? I am and me too. To enter the challenge for a Giveaway by Sponsor StencilGirl I needed to use their product or household items . . . and sad to say I don’t have any StencilGirl {big droopy sad face} – But I have good news . . .

I do have household items to Art this project with

I took a flap off of a hoarded handy cardboard box, pulled the paper from one side. Note: I did NOT wet/dampen it before pulling the paper off because sometimes I want the rustic look. {end of this Note} I cut it into a Tag shape.

I then cut a paper doily roughly in half, found a leftover ink stained circle from another project, {this set the color theme} stamped a face on it and trimmed that to more or less fit the doily; Glued those together and onto the corrugated tag with regular white school glue. I rummaged through my Alpha / Word Bin* and found the scrapbooking embellishment that says “Journey” I stuck that on. I then found a tiny dragonfly bead and glued that onto the Journey embelli.

The Tag needed something else, oooo Washi Tape but when I looked through my stash nothing really seemed to fit {ah shoot} So being the Artist that I am, I found my First Aid Box and pulled out the Paper Tape that is normally used with gauze for covering cuts and I stamped the word Timeless on that. It wasn’t dark enough so I went over it with a black Sharpie marker. I used matte medium to make sure it stuck on really well and would be sealed.

I was really liking the Tag, but still . . . ah ha buttons! I found three Pearl shanked buttons and the shank fit very nicely in the trough of the corrugate. This time I used thick tacky glue to adhere them. It needed sparkle so I found some shimmery watercolor paint and very, and I do mean very lightly washed some over portions of the tag. (you may be able to see some glints of it in the ^close up photo^). I went over the whole tag front and back with matte medium to seal it.

Finally I added the hole with eyelet and used pale green crochet thread for the tag pull. Bam a Lam and Voila Tag’age was made.

Thanks for checking out my Project #5 for CJS2014 using household items and StencilGirl challenge.

*Alpha / Word Bin – the place I keep words, letters, phrases, cut from junk mail / magazines, leftover scrapbook stuffs and one mustn’t forget fortune cookie love notes.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Moonrose said...

I love it Jamie xxx >3

Johnna Moore said...

Great job Jamie!

RosA said...

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog (via CJS)!
I love the colours you have used on the face on the tag!
I am enjoying CJS!
Have a good week.

Nathalie Kalbach said...

this is gorgeous- love what you did with the tag and face! Thank you for being part of CJS 2014!!!

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