January 24, 2014

CJS2014 Project 6

Yep you read that right, this is my 6th project for the CreativeJumpStart2014 workshop, the Stampendous challenge. So this post uses both the Sponsor Product and a Household item.

To make this card I used fancy printed card stock (cut to 8 x 5 /12”) folded in half. I cut a piece of “Love” worded printed paper slightly smaller to layer on the front. I also die cut some hearts from the same card as the base.

I used the Steampunk Gears Perfectly Clear stamp set. Although I altered one stamp just a bit AFTER I stamped it onto white card stock (see below). I also made my own border strip. Here I laid the various gears, from the Stampendous Steampunk Gears Perfectly Clear stamp set, onto a clear block, varying the heights for interest. Inked them up and stamped onto a strip of base card (in this example I used plain white card). I cut my gear printed strip going outside and around them {wavy like} keeping the bottom edge straight.

I took my 3 chosen lock washers {household item} and spray painted them gold. So while they dried I adhered the altered Stampendous gear to the front and added the hearts around it. I then outlined the hearts with Gellly Roll (stardust I think) to add just a slight touch of Bling {cause I’m a gurl} oh, I touched the numbers a bit with the pen too. And glued on my lock washers gears.

I typed my inside sentiment and printed it out on white card, to layer inside; then I added the stamped gear border and another heart {yes with glittery ink too}. And if truth be told I thought of the sentiment first just after I spotted the little bag of washers.



This would make a pretty good Guy card, if you used different “manly” colors {I guess}. And thus ends Project #6 for CJS2014 and sponsor Stampendous challenge. Thanks for checking out my post and if ya get a chance say Hey to Nat.

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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lehtipollo said...

Love the golden gears on top of the stamped ones!

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