January 25, 2014

Lucky 7

This is Project #7 as part of the Challenge for CreativeJumpStart2014 and sponsor PanPastel. Use Household item(s) or sponsor Product. I had to go with household items for this Tag project. Yep another Tag, hey they are fun, ya know. Just think of 'em as a journal page only tiny {insert head nod & eye wink} I dare y’all to try one.

I started with a left over / used cardboard coffee cozy. And I used an idea from a friend SunsetCarole {shout out} who had recently told us (Coffee and Art in the Morning community) about covering small corrugate (similar to the cozy) with a napkin NOTE apply napkin to the bumpy's {end of note} . . . So that’s what I did for the front. On the back I did the masking tape background as shown by Marjie Kemper on Jan 11th of the CJS2014 workshop.

I stuck the napkin down with matte medium AFTER removing the 2 non-printed layers. Once it dried I added an Eiffel Tower brad, to continue with the Paris / Europe theme of my napkin. Next I found buttons I wanted to use and I cut the shanks off of them using a wire cutter for jewelry making. I sanded the stubs left by the shank to get them just a bit flatter. I tied my blue crochet thread in on whatever to the pink button. Pre laid them out - Yes – like - but still needed something . . .

I rummaged in my charm bin and found the “Oui” charm, YES that’ll do {LoL if ya get it} and I tied more of the blue crochet thread onto that, frayed the ends a bit {love the fuzziness of it}. Ok now need something up top. Ah ha a face, one simply must have a face {insert crooked smile} found a little round stamp that would tie in with the buttons, stamped it onto some leftover script paper; Got lucky with that, cause it agreed with the colors. Punched it out with a circle punch then glued it down just under the edge of the tower brad.

Before I glued on the really bumpy elements I added masking tape bits on the back and painted that with craft paint using a makeup sponge. Once dried I added my purple door stamp {get it?} Hint>{um look at the title of this blog} and a date stamp then I signed it. ^5 for thinking about this BEFORE adding the buttons on front.

And back to the front - I glued on the buttons and the “oui” charm, stamped a flourish {but ya can’t really tell}, added a few dots of purple and pale pink glitter glue. Added an eyelet then found some scrap ribbon that matched {lucky again}, used that with more crochet thread for the tag pull. I frayed some of the ends again. {umm fuzzy}

And Voila, that’s French for Ta Dah which is slang a proper word phrase for Look what I made. Remember to check out N * Studio and Lucky #7 project sponsor PanPastel.

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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