January 27, 2014

We Circle

Yep this is another CreativeJumpStart2014 project and sponsor challenge Tonic Studios. I used household items and a technique shown by Samie Harding for this Project #8 and it was a few days in coming. 

I was inspired by the journal spreads shared on Donna Downeys blog from week 1 of her 48 weeks workshop. Yeah liking the bricks… so I took a leftover strip of watercolor paper, used WC crayons, then dry embossed with a brick folder, went over the strip with white gesso and then with a bit more red and black WC crayon. Dry embossed again to get more of a haphazard brick thing going on. This strip sat on my side bar for a day or so.

Meanwhile I wanted to do something for a CJS2014 using cardboard, so I grabbed an empty zip lock bag corrugated box {bulk buy} and trimmed it down so I could die cut the Townscape on the Edge (TimHoltz). And then thought ‘Now what?’ so I tossed them aside, they ended up near the above Brick strip.

And I made a couple of other projects here and here and all of a sudden the light bulb twinkled and I knew I wanted to try Samie Harding’s Transparencies & Painted circles from Jan 22nd. {cause maybe} 

OOOOO my head goes ‘where’s the strip o’brick & those townscape houses?’ {found} I trimmed them to 3 ½ x 2 ½ “ ATC size.

I have a stash of pre-cut packaging that I use to reinforce my ATCs, so I glued them onto the brick fronts and went ahead and glued on my printed ATC backs {cause peoples need to know who made ‘em}. While those were drying . . .

I found some plastic from discarded packaging; on one I used a black sharpie to make a swirl before I painted it. On all except one color I used my fingers {WEEEE finger painting}. Oh and one is really a piece of leftover scrapbook paper {the yellow ‘un} I sat those aside and broke out a little pocket dictionary, and cut out some choice definitions.

By this time my painted plastic was dry so I cut out my circles of various sizes and um yeah most some are not so “circle”. I layered my fancy Samie Circles, some shinny side up some not. I thick tacky glued them onto the brick ATC backgrounds, added my dictionary papers and Bam Ah Lam Ah Voila!

Project #8 for CJS2014 sponsor Tonic Studio challenge is done! Can we say love {LOVE}

ps my friend “Vicki” picked the Front for the zip lock box Townscape houses. LoL I simply tweeted, ‘Front R Back’ , and she said Front. ^5 for “Vicki”

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Dana said...

YES we can say {LOVE}!!! Very cute and ^5 Vicki for helping you pick a side. (we got your back gurl!!) xoxo

happyDiane said...

now those are CUTE!! I really like the houses down with the front of the box, you and Vicki are clever!!!

Suzanne said...

Just saw this on the CJS site! Love the colors of the circles, and everything else about them too actually ;)

Cuchy said...

colourful and very creative. Love it.
Thank you for sharing

sara j said...

Perfect use of those very cool transparent circles...which after all were pretty darn cool. These are great little works of art. love 'em!

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