June 25, 2011


The JournalArtista has this great contest and linkYness going on, you may read about it and see a video here on her Blog. Now because I want to maybe win a prize (& I so want to) I thought I'd play along, and besides who doesn't love some linkYness sharing.

Paula, JournalArtista, will be featuring stencils and stencil techniques on her UStream Channel on Saturday Nights, be sure to stop by or watch the recordings and if you are lucky you will get to hear Paula's giggle...guaranteed to make ya smile.
here are a couple of background papers I made using stencils. 

First Background

Neon Green wispy wash                            . 1st Stencil with Fuchsia

2nd Stencil Yellow (looks orange here)                        . 3rd Stencil Shinny White

Then I reversed the colors up

Ending with the Neon Green on a rubber Musical stamp, which barely shows.

Second Background

Base med. Purple sponged on                     1st Stencil Neon Pink

2nd Stencil Light Pink

Ending with Paper Clips stamp in Sepia Ink

And that's it for these, be sure to stop by Paula's to see all the other magic preformed with Stencils.


Dale Anne Potter said...


Carolyn said...

I love how the layers work together! Your papers are great!

Anonymous said...

I want stencilage and my kids want to know why everything is suddenly -age, lol! Where is the paperclip stamp from and do you cut your own stencils? We don't have dollar stores and I have not had success on Tradera, here in Sweden.

Jamie Lynn said...

Aw, thanks y'all. I at last learning to Layer & Fear Not the next Layer.

Jersey the Paper Clips stamps if from Traci Bunkers


Be fair warned - she has had a run on the Paper Clips stamp so email her & let her know of your interest in it.

the musical stamp I picked up from Michael's (or somewhere)

Stencils from some place that had 'em cheap & don't remember / know the brand.

Mary said...

What great backgrounds you made with these stencils. And I love the paper clips!

Kimber said...

LOVE your layers. They work so well together. What fun papers!

Eileen said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Thought I'd return the favor and so glad I did!

Jamie Lynn said...

Thank you all for your kind comments.

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